Defense Systems Booting Up!
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Defense Systems Booting Up!

Defense Systems Booting Up!

Greetings fellow spacenauts!

Lets scope out a couple of those radical accomplices that will keep the drooling horde of alien nasties from dining on your scrumptious brain during your time on Planet 72!

Planet 72 Defense Turret Dicewrench Designs


First up we have that staple of camping goodness, the defense turret.  It sports twin ray cannons (obviously) as well as a stylish and flexible segmented armor skirt with which to protect its nethers.  Attach the defense turret to any construction node and marvel at all the alien smearing glory!

Planet 72 Defense Bot Dicewrench Designs

Our next defense offering will have pet eyeball enthusiasts so excited they may find it difficult to keep all bodily functions on an even keel.  The defense bot offers every spacenaut a few defensive options during its typically short lifespan.  Via its majestic antenna link (powered by the new FM radio wave!) the defense bot can be ordered to guard a specific area or follow its commanding spacenaut.  If you find you defense bot is non-functioning (dead) do not worry!  Your defense bot factory node will promptly begin constructing a new bot!

All the specifics of our defense unit lineup aren’t hashed out yet, but we’re trying to get a healthy collection of units somewhere in that 10-14 count sweet spot.  An alternative to the traditional blanket tech tree seems likely as well.

As always, more as it develops!

— Allen