Wild Wings
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Wild Wings


Wild Wings delivers the fast-paced, action packed aerial combat you’ve been missing! We’re thrilled to be developing a game that captures the accessible mayhem of classic arcade flyers like ‘StarFox 64’, ‘Crimson Skies’, and ‘Rogue Squadron.’


As if the premise alone isn’t enough we’ve teamed up with Hank Caruso and his incredible Aerocatures art to share the awesome tradition of military aviation in an exciting and fun way.

Wild Wings starring Hank Caruso's Aerocatures

‘F-5 Top Gun’ © Hank Caruso

The last piece of the puzzle is you! We’ll be taking to Kickstarter very soon and we need you in our squadron to finish Wild Wings. We’ve got some incredible rewards lined up (custom planes, 3d printed models of planes, a ride in a jet!) and Hank will be creating an all new Aerocature!

Follow the official Wild Wings Twitter and Facebook to be the first to know and tell your friends you’ll see them in the skies!



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