Cutlass & Compass
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Cutlass & Compass

Cutlass & Compass

Cutlass & Compass is the amazing new game creation from Dicewrench Designs. Combining the radical top-down frenzy of Action-RPG combat with the brain-bending strategies of City-Building, Cutlass & Compass promises to offer you hours of sea-faring fun and adventure!

Product Features

Extensive Single-Player:  Infinite islands await you and your brave SWABs as you explore the unknown edges of the map!
Explore:  Chart and colonize newly discovered lands in your quest for loot, booty, justice, and rare artifacts!

Suspenseful Survival:  Defend your [location of somewhat significant personal importance here] from the drooling horde of murderous scallywags!

Astounding Adventure:  Lead your daring SWABs on brave treasure hunts!  Frolic midst the possibly deadly native flora and fauna!

Infinitely Replayable:  Randomly generated archipelago offer limitless combinations!  Explore a new world every time!*  That rules!  Note: Probably. I mean, it’s “totes” possible you’re just unlucky/cursed.

Original Music:  Enjoy super-great funk vamps with your ears!   Note:  Ears sold seperately.