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The Basics:

I’ve been making games or parts of games (mostly the art parts) for other folks for over five years.  Some of you will remember me as the Art Director/Project Lead from SmashMuck Champions.

Dicewrench Designs exists so that I can make games for and with you, the players.

– Allen



Wild Wings:

I’m thrilled to be creating Wild Wings with Seth Crofton and featuring Hank Caruso’s great art.  This aerial combat game is a throwback to the wonderful elbow-to-elbow mayhem of console shooters of yore.  And its cross-platform.  And we’re making 3d prints of the planes.  Suit up, we’ll see you in the sky!

Cutlass & Compass:

Ben Rodgers and I are back at genre-bending design in this radical action-sim.  Pirate flavor, streamlined management, no fast-forward button.  Get ready to set sail!