Exquisite Shaders
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Exquisite Shaders

Delivering great visuals that are as efficient at achieving the look you want as possible often requires bespoke solutions. We can build a finely tuned Shader for exactly the look you want to achieve.

Shaders can be a black box to a lot of developers and it often gets overlooked. But the best results can only be achieved by tuning every aspect of each type of asset, that especially includes the Shader which determines how it gets rendered on screen. We can help you build a custom solution in your preferred Rendering Pipeline (Legacy, UWRP, HDRP) and desired format (code, Shader Graph, Amplify Shader Editor) to deliver those maximized visuals your game needs.

The perfect effect for this monster’s eyes could only be achieved with a Custom Shader.

Shaders are also an excellent pathway to highly efficient UI as they allow you to achieve many effects without modifying any pieces of the Canvas or its children, thereby avoiding expensive Rebuild operations. They are also an ideal solution for adding polish to your feedback beyond Unity’s very simple built in options.

Shines, glows, changing outlines are all achievable within single Images with Custom Shaders as seen here in the The Walking Dead March To War.

Many teams shy away from the extra complexity of big complicated Materials that result from utilizing Custom Shaders. But don’t let this steer you away, we can make sure all these powerful features are easy to grasp by tailoring Custom Material Inspectors to your team’s needs.

This Custom Material Inspector packs lots of options into easy to use Dropdowns making it easy for Artists to get to all the configurations they want.

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